Sunday, November 13, 2005

Recent show works!!!!

"Lowry overlook" - SOLD
6 by 8, Oil on Linen

"Menomie Winter Farm"
26 by 30, Oil on Canvas

"HWY 61 from Grand Marais, Artist Point"
30 by 36, Oil on Linen

"Stillwater Cottonwoods"
18 by 22, Oil on Linen,2005

"Monday Morning Lake Mille Lacs" - SOLD

30 by 36, Oil on Linen, 2005


At 10:26 AM, Blogger benbauerart said...

These are set in a single post (except the 4 bare Cottonwoods, forgive the lack of computer knowledge) to show the works as a group. Some images are not here as I dont have good enough piccs to post. Hope you enjoy and take care.

Ben Bauer


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